PROTON™ Phased Array Ultrasonic Service

Providing Clarity to your Pipeline Asset

PROTON™ is a highly configurable phased array inspection platform allowing a combination of multiple angles and crack techniques (pulse-echo, pitch and catch) for crack detection and sizing in addition to high-resolution metal loss measurement. Multi-angle sampling allows the best depth tool tolerance available in the market by means of these multiple indirect crack measurement techniques and direct crack tip measurement for critical features. The multiple angles cover a wide range of crack features such as hook cracks, lack of fusion, lack of penetration, weld anomalies, SCC, amongst other linear indications.

NDT Global 3D PROTON model

Enhanced Precision through Feature Context

PROTON depth tool tolerance is at a feature level as it considers the context and surroundings of the crack. This is possible because of the multiple attributes that are recorded and considered for the depth calculation such as weld type, relative position, weld geometry, etc.

The information PROTON provides allows the understanding of the truest condition of the pipeline asset. Contact us to learn more.

NDT Global Phased Array PROTON tool

Discover the Power of Clarity.

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