Pipeline Dent Strain Assessment

Our dent strain analysis provides actionable insights into the characteristics that are specific to deformations vs. other types of features.

Dents have unique characteristics that present risks to an asset’s health, and our dent strain assessment was designed to quantify strains so that customers can mitigate them. Ultrasonic geometry systems are unique in the industry in their ability to not only identify dent strains, but to perform sub-millimeter analyses of their characteristics. Our team of analysts use this high-quality data to provide the most reliable dent strain insights in the industry.

Image of dent strain

Strain-based assessments are widely used throughout the industry to estimate the likelihood of cracking in dents. Our in-house developed point-wise calculation of longitudinal membrane strain allows us to add precise geometric information to feature length and depth captured by earlier inspection methods. The result is a dent strain assessment that meets and exceeds the standards set forth in ASME B31.8, providing peace of mind in addition to the insights required to proactively manage these anomalies before they can become disruptive to business. If your system is facing the unique challenges presented by dent strain, contact us today to get the best, most actionable insights required to mitigate their risk.

Example of Dent Strain Assessment

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