Fitness-for-Purpose Assessment

NDT Global’s Fitness for Purpose (FFP) assessment is one of the most comprehensive studies that we offer and is an integral part of any integrity management plan.

At its base, the FFP uses our latest ultrasonic inspection technology to perform Immediate and Future integrity assessments to produce a detailed view of a system’s capacity under current and future conditions. The FFP assessment looks at everything from metal loss, cracks, dents, laminations and other anomalies to create a comprehensive, accurate-to-within-millimeters report that gives you a snapshot of the overall health of your pipeline. What sets NDT Global’s FFP assessment apart is its unique ability to help customers understand the inline inspection (ILI) data through customized reports that are based on each operator’s individual needs and requirements. We can tap into our full suite of inspection technologies to ensure that every FFP assessment includes the most actionable picture possible. We can, for example, include Feature Growth and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), among other assessments, to not only give customers a clear idea of how their operation is working, but also a detailed view of how it might be improved and/or extended.

Image of an NDT Global employee viewing a fitness for purpose assessment

Using the gathered data, our exceptional team of Pipeline Integrity Engineers who are also credentialed in ILI data analysis, consolidate this information to create a unified vision of your system that’s expressed through a detailed study. Included in that report are the parameters of the assessment (i.e., methodologies used, types and sizes of anomalies inspected, etc.), in addition to detailed maintenance recommendations that will expand the pipeline’s lifecycle while maximizing an asset’s return on investment.

If you’re a pipeline operator who needs to have a better understanding of your pipeline’s current and future health, contact us today to learn how we can help.

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