IMU Pipeline Inspection, Inertial Measurement

An inertial measurement unit (IMU) provides relative 3D and attitude changes between fixed or known survey points. 

IMU’s are used when traditional GPS detection methods are unavailable (i.e., pipelines beneath a seabed), but the most precise accuracy is required. Essentially, IMU’s collect the tool behavior (accelerations and angular rate) with the impressive data collection of 200 samples per second.  

High-end measurement technologies like fiber optic gyroscopes and accelerometers are keys to establishing baseline measurements against which IMU tools can produce dependable, actionable insights. To put the accuracy of these tools’ information accuracy into perspective, the data processing of our IMU units need to consider the force of the earth’s gravity and the speed of its rotation.  

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Part of the functionality provided by these technologies help negate or mitigate errors introduced by Coriolis forces, electronic drift, random errors like pipeline noises, and Abbe errors (these errors have the potential to be especially problematic because they continue to accumulate the longer an inspection runs, which can turn a small error into a large one if the inspection runs over a long distance). As it turns out, some of this technology was developed to help find and exclude data that would muddle accurate detections. With this data “noise” eliminated, Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) tools can be deployed in conjunction with any of NDT Global’s inline inspection tools to secure the most accurate data about feature location in an asset. The ultimate output of this work is an Inline Inspection Reference Database that includes a comprehensive list of every piece of information an operator needs to identify, locate, size, and plan remediation for any feature with an injurious potential. If having insight into the exact GPS points of your asset’s locations is critical to its safe and profitable operation, contact NDT Global to learn how we can help you find and remediate the most potentially injurious threats to your business.

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