Pipeline Crack Detection

Crack anomalies in pipelines are among the most serious threats to their integrity.

Not only do these anomalies pose a serious threat to the operation of the pipeline, they also introduce potential hazards to the environment. But they’re also among the most difficult anomalies to predict because they can occur during the manufacturing process, pipeline installation, or over time, during operation. Detecting these features is an exacting task because they often can’t be seen by the naked eye and can be situated axially or circumferentially. As a result, operators need a partner with the most advanced technical solutions for crack diagnostics and a long history of successfully detecting and reporting these features.

Up close view of a crack and ruler

NDT Global offers a range of ultrasonic inline inspection tools to ensure that any risks introduced by cracks in your operation – whether caused during manufacturing, installation, or operation – are identified, sized, and located so they can be repaired before operational damage occurs. Further, our expert team of analysts are uniquely qualified – with decades’ worth of experience – to help interpret crack data and provide customers with practical, actionable insights that can be the basis for an informed integrity management plan.

Inaccurate insights have the potential to result in inefficient actions or – in the worst-case scenario – pipeline failure. That’s why NDT Global is the preferred partner of so many operators: our inspection technologies, widely considered to be the best in the industry, help you maintain a high level of safety while insuring the maximum efficiency of your maintenance budget.

If you’re tasked with the integrity management of your liquid or gas system, contact us to learn why NDT Global is the premiere partner for crack detection.

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