Feature Growth Assessment

The Feature Growth assessment is one that includes two inspections or more with a focus on the potential development of corrosion or crack features.

The competitive advantage of NDT Global’s Feature Growth Assessment begins with the data we use to perform it. The datasets we use to begin our analyses can be ours, but they can also be data gathered by other third parties and even data gathered using different inspection technologies (i.e. MFL). Our advantage continues with our signal-to-signal analysis methodology; instead of looking at aggregate trends in feature growth that present themselves in data averages, we look at all details in the data, taking into account mechanical design, sensor response, associated tolerances, and focus on the areas showing variation, which are not necessarily growth. This method lets us look at realistic growth instead of having to calculate growth based on estimations and projections.

Image of a feature growth measurement

With this best-in-class data in hand, our team of experts look for feature growth trends in addition to identifying any new features that present over time. With the insights we deliver, customers have the information needed to both understand the remaining life of their asset and the mitigation efforts required to extend that lifetime. Concerned about feature growth in your asset? Contact us to learn how NDT Global can help.

Feature growth measurement

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