Pipeline Movement

Pipeline movement, whether caused by natural movement or third parties, can introduce tensile strain.

This strain can result in pipeline rupture, local wrinkling, and buckling. At NDT Global, our passion is solving the most difficult problems and putting together elegant, efficient, cost effective, and – above all – safe solutions to these problems. And we’ve done that with our tailored solutions for pipeline movement.

It all starts with our Inertial Navigation Service (INS), which we use to investigate the scale of the threats being introduced to your pipeline’s by movement. The data collected from this tool is among the most accurate in the world and enables operators to make informed decisions confidently.

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Following the INS, our next two analyses are the Pipeline Strain and Run-on-run Strain Comparison reports. Using the data gathered in the INS, the Pipeline Strain analysis looks at areas of a pipeline where measurements are above the system’s expected average. These differences can be correlational to the possibility of buckles and cracks. Left unattended, these anomalies can result in pipeline failure, environmental damage, and financial loss. But with the data our analysis provides – to within millimeters’ accuracy – operators have the information they need to proactively deal with these features before they become crises.

An additional solution that NDT Global offers is an ultrasonic circumferential crack detection tool. Combined with INS data, circumferential crack data offers even deeper insight into potential anomalies in your pipeline, particularly those associated with joints and welds. Cracks at these locations have the potential to be the most injurious, so early and accurate identification is critical. The result of this combined inspection method is a set of insights that give a view into how likely buckles or circumferential cracks might be. With this information in hand, customers have the ability to confidently execute integrity management programs for pipelines prone to strain caused by movement.

If Pipeline Movement is within the scope of your pipeline integrity management program, contact NDT Global to learn how we can offer best-in-class solutions.

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