Pulse Echo Dents and Ovalities

Dents and ovalities present unique challenges to asset operations.

Given their potential placement within pipe walls, traditional inspection methods can have difficulty locating them, much less determining their size and depth. Recognizing these challenges and simultaneously understanding the potential threat these anomalies present, NDT Global innovated its Pulse Echo technology to address them.

Traditional pipe mechanical detection methods have been limited in their scope and in the accuracy of their results. Specifically, older techniques relied on substantially fewer sensors that could only identity dents within the circumference of the pipeline, limiting the potential for sizing accuracy of associated deformations.

Ultrasonic geometry image of sensors bouncing off pipeline walls

NDT Global’s solution was to leverage our Pulse Echo technology to develop a solution specifically designed for this challenge. Our Pulse Echo Dent tool’s transducers are distributed in greater numbers and more closely on the device, in addition to being layered equidistantly around its circumference. These design choices result in direct time of flight measurements of dents and/or ovalities in a pipeline vs. relying on the inferred picture painted by previous generations of technology. This high-resolution data not only provides the sizing and orientation of anomalies like dents and ovalities, but Pulse Echo Dent’s capabilities also allow to size their depths to within millimeters’ worth of accuracy. This information coupled with the insights by our team of experts – many of whom are dually-credentialed as engineers and Level 3 analysts – make NDT Global the most trusted partner of industry leaders seeking to mitigate the risks caused by dents and ovalities.

Liquid and gas asset operators that have – or suspect they have – dents and ovalities threatening the integrity of their assets should contact NDT Global today to learn how we can make these concerns a thing of the past.  

Rendering of ultrasonic geometry sensor

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