Pipeline Movement Assessment

Caused by elevation changes, natural phenomenon, and third-party interference, pipeline movement has the ability to compromise pipeline integrity.

Unanticipated displacement introduces strains for which the asset may not have been designed. If these features aren’t identified early, they can cause pipeline failure, product loss, financial loss, and environmental damage. NDT Global’s Pipeline Movement Assessment was designed to help avoid those outcomes.

Example of pipeline movement injury on a pipeline

Our assessments use our latest inspection tools to collect the most accurate pipeline GPS data. Operators seeking a snapshot of how pipeline movement could be introducing strain into their asset can choose a single inspection. Our analysts take the collected data and review it with a special focus on areas of the pipeline experiencing higher-than-expected strain. These are potential indicators that pipeline movement is an impending threat. For assets more prone to external strain (i.e., pipelines with extreme horizontal or vertical transitions), periodic assessments can measure the growth of pipeline movement-related features. During multiple inspections, our tools simultaneously collect data about the length of a given pipeline and its curvature. These run-on-run data allow our analysts to both identify where features are and predict the likelihood of asset failure. These insights provide business owners with the insights they need to make informed remediation decisions. If you’re looking for the most reliable insights into how pipeline movement can be impacting your business, contact NDT Global today.

Pipeline movement graphic

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