Dents and Ovalities

A dent can be in combination with a stress concentrator in your pipeline.

In particular, unrestrained dents exposed to pressure cycles form a major threat since they often lead to fatigue cracks. Whatever caused the dent is most likely the cause of any coating removal experienced, so corrosion could be an issue as well.

Traditional geometry inspection tools introduce a problem when it comes to traditional geometry assessment: smoothing. Smoothing and approximation techniques have the ability to alter the geometry data they’re attempting to inspect.

Image of an NDT Global employee with an inline inspection tool

NDT Global recognized this and the result is our direct measurement ultrasonic inline inspection. This method of inspection provides a high-resolution picture of a pipeline’s axial and circumferential profile without any risk of altering the data it’s collecting. Once the data is collected – with an industry-leading record of first run success – our team of analysts provide operators with the insights they need to confidently plan the maintenance requirements introduced by dents and ovalities.

NDT Global is the inline inspection leader in measurements for dents, ovalities and deformations. We are are constantly innovating our hardware and software to meet current needs and the needs that tomorrow’s industry standards will require. The result is unparalleled reporting capabilities that provide dent characterization, restraint condition and dent fatigue life assessment in compliance with the newest API PR 1183.

For the best-in-class help identifying and sizing dents and ovalities, contact NDT Global today.

Image depicting a pipeline dent

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