High-Pressure Gas Pipelines Inspection

ART Scan™ inline inspection tools are optimized to inspect high-capacity heavy wall pipelines.

An inherent requirement of pipelines under extraordinary pressure is the need for thicker walls. This aspect of their construction makes getting accurate sub-millimeter measurements on metal loss, manufacturing anomalies, and wall thickness a challenge with traditional ILI tools.

Our solution was to develop acoustic resonance technology and deploy an inspection solution (ART Scan) that could address the unique challenges presented by high-pressure gas transmissions pipelines. The result is a tool that can produce inspections within sub-millimeter accuracy to detect anything from pipe wall thickness to metal loss, to dents and ovalities. NDT Global has committed time and resources to the continued development of this technology, resulting in variations of the platform that can accommodate high-pressure pipelines of various diameters; further, it’s become the premier tool for new asset baseline assessments and aging pipeline inspections.

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ART Scan Tool

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