Gas Pipeline Inspection

Ultrasonic technology has traditionally only been available for the inspection of liquid pipelines.

In the past, this limitation has led gas pipeline operators to rely on indirect measurements provided by magnetic inspection tools to determine the integrity of their asset. This presents a challenge to operators because the limitations of these tools lead to overly conservative assessments for pipeline integrity, resulting in unnecessary maintenance costs.

These realities motivated us to develop alternative technologies capable of performing inline inspection in gas environments matching the accuracy of ultrasonic inspections in liquid environments. The result is our ART Scan™ inspection platform. Utilizing ART Scan, we can help you gather actionable insights about the health of your gas pipeline with unparalleled accuracy.

Pipeline wall thickness, corrosion, dents and ovalities, inclusions, and laminations can all be measured to within sub-millimeter precision with our ART Scan platform. IMU and coating disbondment information can also be gathered with every inspection. All of this is evidence that we recognized the unique challenges associated with the maintenance of gas assets, developed a platform specifically for their use cases, and continue to be the innovation leader in gas pipeline inspections.

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