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As the leader in pipeline integrity management, NDT Global has decades’ worth of experience working with the full spectrum of asset types.

Our advanced inspection platforms are designed to detect, size and report on any features that could compromise a pipeline’s integrity in any environment and under any circumstances.

With respect to products being transported, NDT Global has premiere inspection solutions for both liquid and gas assets. In liquid pipelines, our ultrasonic EVO series inspection tools are recognized by industry leaders as the most accurate in detecting and sizing features including cracks, metal loss, pipeline movement, interacting threats, and dents and ovalities. For gas pipelines, our ART Scan™ provides many of the same capabilities with comparable accuracy.

NDT Global also has many years’ worth of experience working in some of the most challenging pipeline environments. We’ve innovated our technology to meet the requirements presented by these challenges. Our inspection tools can navigate multi-diameter pipelines, high-pressure environments, cladded pipes, and bi-directional pipelines. And we’re able to perform these inspections while collecting industry-leading high-resolution data, allowing our customers to make the most informed integrity management decisions about their complex pipelines.

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NDT Global has extensive experience operating in offshore pipelines. Our inspection tools are perfectly suited to inspect assets under high pressure and with varying diameters. Regardless of whether the operation takes place in liquid or gas, we have the expertise to provide the insights needed to make the best integrity management decisions. Regardless of your asset class, NDT Global is your go-to partner for pipeline integrity management. Contact us today to learn how we can help maximize the value of your investment and the safety of your business.

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