Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART)

One of the dependencies of most ultrasonic pipeline inspection tools is a liquid medium.

This limitation has made ultrasonic inspection of gas pipelines a challenge in the past. We developed a solution to this limitation based on acoustic resonance technology (ART).

ART works by emitting a wideband acoustic waveform toward the pipe wall. This waveform excites numerous standing compressional waves between both surfaces of the pipe wall. The ART tool then measures the acoustic energy reflected by the pipe wall’s standing compressional waves. The returning energy signal includes a signature resonance pattern, which directly indicates pipe wall thickness.

Having a direct measurement of wall thickness is critical in the assessment of features like laminations, complex corrosion features, and any features close to girth welds (where magnetic inspection technology is known to be less accurate).

It’s these characteristics that caused NDT Global to investigate, invest in, and ultimately innovate ART to address the challenges our gas customers were experiencing. Contact us to learn more.

ART Scan tools

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