Pipeline Integrity and Fatigue Assessment

Infrastructure and asset deterioration is a given; left unattended it can happen more quickly.

Which is where NDT Global comes in. Our future integrity and fatigue life assessments are focused on determining the impediments to your system’s lifecycle, in addition to providing insights intended to extend its lifespan. Similar to immediate integrity assessments in their scope, future integrity assessments look at inspection data with an eye toward the useful lifetime of an asset. Using methods we’ve studied over the decades, NDT Global’s team of engineers interpret the data to create insights focused on features like cracks and corrosion, and when they could reach critical dimensions. Cyclic loads can increase a crack’s growth rate, just as past growth is indicative of future corrosion development. Our team’s hands-on expertise in identifying these anomalies also informs their ability to project how long it would take before such anomalies could cause pipeline failure.

Future and fatigue life assessment example

This expertise forms the basis of our Future Integrity and Fatigue Life Assessment. NDT Global looks at current and historical data in order to provide customers with three critical pieces of information: (1) the estimated remaining life of your pipeline in its current condition (2) insights into the effectiveness of existing mitigation efforts and (3) a list of repairs – along with a list of dates by which each one must be completed – that will extend the lifetime of your pipeline and assist in the determination of your reinspection intervals. If your integrity management plan calls for an assessment of your asset’s feature integrity and fatigue life, contact us to discuss how NDT Global can help.

Examples of fatigue life reports

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