Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

NDT Global’s finite element analysis (FEA) was developed in response to traditional assessment methods that yielded results that were too conservative.

This conservatism can cause operators to perform unnecessary remediations and overspend on mitigation efforts that were not required. Depending on the nature of the threat, operators can save both time and money with NDT Global’s FEA.

Unlike conventional methods, NDT Global’s FEA uses best-in-class 3D geometry mapping to not only identify anomalies in the pipeline, but to also account for the specific variables associated with them. Our FEA can also provide an assessment of combined anomalies (i.e., dents, cracks in dent, metal loss, etc.), a feature not found in traditional finite element methods.

Finite Element Analysis
Example of FEA

The result of this collection of high-resolution data is a precise model and a tailormade report that details the scope of any metal loss anomalies and/or crack-like flaws, in addition to capturing detailed geometry and deformation of pipe joints. This combination of information provides a reliable 3D model and produces the most accurate prediction of a pipeline’s failure pressure.

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Finite Element Analysis

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