The Promise of Insight

As an ultra high-tech inspection and integrity assessment services partner, only NDT Global provides asset owners with the best, most precise and most actionable diagnostic information, while consistently striving to achieve Beyond Zero Harm. So all your stakeholders have the confidence of knowing they can count on optimal asset health and productivity, together with the peace of mind of seeing far into the future.

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Who We Are

NDT Global is an expert team, composed of some of the world’s most dedicated and skilled engineers, data analysts and project managers, singularly focused on advancing the health of our planet’s energy and utilities asset infrastructure. By constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation in collaboration with our customers, we deliver the most highly accurate and ultra-reliable inspection data to drive long-term risk assessment and prevention.

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Image of NDT Global inline inspection tool

What We Do

Founded with a steadfast purpose to achieve and preserve harmony between the interests of business and nature, NDT Global provides advanced diagnostic inspection solutions to diverse energy-sector market suppliers.

We are not only a recognized industry leader in a full range of ultrasonic inspection technologies, we already deploy various non-ultrasonic technologies, such as Inertial Measurement, with more under development, including Eddy Current. Our powerful UT line-up extends from Pulse Echo, Pitch & Catch and Phased Array, to highly specialized Acoustic Resonance scanning. We apply these technologies to detect, diagnose and model every type of threat across any class of asset: circumferential or axial cracks, metal loss, geometry, mapping, and more.

How We Do It

When it comes to inspecting pipelines and other infrastructure assets, our ultra-advanced precision tool fleet runs the gamut.

Leveraging our proprietary EVO and ART Scan™ platforms in combination with the most sophisticated diagnostic technologies, our inline inspection tools are able to diagnose even the tiniest (sub-millimeter) anomalies, in liquid or gas, in a single run. In fact, our independently verified first-run success rates are consistently in excess of 92%. With a dedicated team of world-class experts, you won’t have the stress of watching projects deviate from plan, generate downtime, produce cost overruns or result in unnecessary digs. Even challenging pipeline contexts, such as multiple diameters or varying wall thicknesses, are diagnosable to the highest level of Probability of Detection. First time, every time.

Best of all, we partner with you to deliver our actionable insights together with the consulting services you need. So whether it’s a Standard Data Analysis Report or comprehensive Integrity Assessment Services, you will always have the power of clarity, with decision-ready data at your fingertips.

Beyond Zero Harm

Beyond Zero Harm

As a key part of our corporate Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) objectives, our aim is to drive ambitious, sustained and continuous performance improvements in Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ), while elevating the wellbeing of our employees and enhancing the strength and resilience of our business. Our commitment to Beyond Zero is an all-inclusive, holistic program designed to engage employees and customers alike, by addressing a full range of sources of potential for harm – both at work and in the world at large.

Speak With An Expert

Speak With An Expert