• Ultrasonic Crack Inspection

    Highly accurate crack inspection services and sizing without any depth limitations

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  • Ultrasonic Corrosion Inspection

    Higher resolution inspection identifies the true deepest point of a pinhole morphology within a larger area of corrosion with an overall shallower depth

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    A Case Study highlighting the application of the most accurate and highest quality data for pipeline corrosion inspection

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About NDT Global

NDT Global is a leading supplier of ultrasonic pipeline inspection and data analysis. Its state-of-the-art inspection fleet provides the entire in-line inspection service spectrum for onshore and offshore pipelines worldwide.

The full range of services includes geometry and deformation inspection, metal loss and crack inspection, defect assessment and fitness for purpose investigations.

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Latest News
  • Thanks to the NDT Global Engineering 'A Team', and work by the Sunbury Flowlines team, a plan was conceived to put the pig on a diet.

    BP Angola

  • All work was performed in accordance with Statoil's specifications and to complete satisfaction. The data results were precise and reliable and perfectly reflected the pipeline conditions. During the last years NDT Global has been an excellent cooperation partner for us in every respect. Precision and reliability are the cornerstones of their work.


  • Transnet employed NDT Global's MFL and UT fleet of robots to conduct several in-line inspections on some of our pipelines. NDT Global completed these projects and further successfully conducted a non-destructive evaluation/verification of crack-like events on our 12-inch line. Our most recent projects saw NDT Global demonstrate exceptional prowess in its in-field work execution, data analysis and results presentation. The expectations we had entering into these projects have been superbly met.


  • We have been working with NDT Global for over 11 years and during that time, all of the personnel I have worked with have been very professional and proactive. We receive all reports on time, especially urgent ones that help us to avoid pipeline failures. The people at NDT Global know their work very well and constantly provide opportune support for our pipeline operation and integrity management.

    OCP Ecuador

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