Liquid and gas assets each present their own challenges when it comes to managing pipeline integrity.

The stress of pressure cycling, the corrosiveness of products being transported, and the potential for manufacturing defects are all unique to each kind of pipeline. As a result, NDT Global developed inspection platforms focused on producing the most precise feature measurements, regardless of the product being transported.

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Our EVO platform is recognized as the best-in-class solution for the ultrasonic inspection of liquid pipelines. Providing direct measurements and high-resolution feature identification, EVO provides asset owners the most accurate assessments of their operation possible. NDT Global’s ART Scan™ is the premiere inspection solution for gas pipelines. Our implementation of acoustic resonance technology doesn’t require a liquid couplant and it provides the inspection precision normally associated with ultrasonic inspections of liquid pipelines. ART Scan can detect and size metal loss, interacting features, and dents and ovalities to within sub-millimeter accuracy, allowing asset owners to most effectively mitigate their risk.

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