Pipeline Integrity Consulting Services

Customer service is embedded in NDT Global’s DNA. We make ongoing investments in our people and in our technology to ensure that our customers have the highest quality, most accurate data accompanied by expertly informed insights.

Developing and providing these insights are some of the most experienced and credentialed analysts and engineers in the business, each with many years of experience in the inline inspection industry, making our team one of the most qualified to interpret inspection data and glean the most usable insights from them. We deliver these data and insights reliably and on time with our industry-leading first-run success rate. This customer focus makes NDT Global the trusted advisor of many industry leaders who use the clarity we bring to their business to make integrity management decisions with maximum confidence.

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NDT Global’s Integrity Consulting Services was established to help asset operators solve their most difficult problems. Customers would let us know when they were experiencing challenges and were in need of studies or assessments that were not necessarily outlined in standard recommended practices. Some would know the nature of anomalies but couldn’t find the right analysis solution to identify and size them. In both of these instances, our Integrity Consulting Services team has the unmatched expertise to identify unknown anomalous activity and to create customized analyses to quantify anomalies that are typically difficult to measure. We accomplish this through our people. NDT Global’s consulting staff is made up of credentialed, Level 3 certified analysts and Pipeline Integrity Engineers – many of them with dual degrees - who have many years of hands-on experience in integrity management.

NDT Global’s Integrity Consulting Services are comprehensive in scope and were designed to complement the value we bring with our core ILI services. Historical ILI data can be re-analyzed using current, best-in-class analysis methodologies to extract further value and more usable intelligence from them. Similarly, we can use data extracted from other sources, including third parties, and produce a custom view of their results in NDT Global’s analysis software. This allows for an “apples to apples” view of historic and third-party data that provides maximum clarity, which enables the highest level of confidence in the development of integrity management plans.

Additional consulting services focus on increasing the scale, scope and usability of integrity management data. Our high-resolution inspection tools, for example, can provide feature analysis that falls outside of standard reporting thresholds. This data can be invaluable in threat detection and help avoid unnecessary maintenance costs, allowing for reinvestment elsewhere. Our leading-edge software can also be configured to perform customized analyses like profile generation or cracks in dents diagnosis, giving operators the clearest view possible of the health of even the most unique system. Some customers engage us for our industry-leading expertise, leveraging our team to provide training on everything from the latest inspection methodologies to “how to” sessions with inspection hardware and software. These are just a few examples of many demonstrating how NDT Global can bring customers unprecedented clarity to their businesses, ensuring maximum system lifecycles, profitability, and safety.

Like our core ILI tools and technologies, our consulting services are best in their class and can be tailored to meet the most exacting needs. It’s what’s made NDT Global the trusted advisor of so many industry leaders.

If your business needs a custom solution to ensure that your business is maximizing its potential, contact us to learn how NDT Global can help.

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