ART Scan™ Inspection Platform

NDT Global’s ART Scan™ inspection platform was designed to specifically meet the requirements of gas transmission pipelines.

Since it uses acoustic resonance technology as its basis, it doesn’t require a liquid medium. This makes it unique in the inline inspection industry and is why NDT Global is the trusted inline inspection partner of so many gas pipeline leaders.

ART Scan has a robust set of capabilities that provide ultrasonic inspection accuracy in a gas environment. Flexibility and simplicity are two of ART Scan’s primary strengths. Its relatively compact, customizable design combined with its touchless platform allows the tool to navigate short traps and bends in even the most uniquely designed assets. This flexibility combined with its design simplicity translates to more uptime during testing, substantially reducing risk to operational disruption.

These physical capabilities are complemented by the unmatched accuracy of the data ART Scan collects during inspections. Direct wall measurements are collected throughout, even in areas that are traditionally difficult to inspect. Wax rich lines can also be surveyed accurately with minimal cleaning requirements. An added benefit of ART Scan is its ability to perform a unique inspection that can detect and size potential coating disbondment in gas pipelines. When the tool’s flexibility and simplicity is coupled with the unparalleled quality of data that it collects, customers can count on ART Scan to provide the most detailed view of features that may (or may not) be impacting pipeline performance. With this data and the insights in hand, operators can more efficiently make better decisions about maintenance activities. If you’re interested in learning about how NDT Global can extend the life, efficiency, and safety of your gas pipeline operation, contact us today.

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