Complex Pipeline Inspection

While the majority of pipeline systems are comprised of standard diameters and configurations, many include non-standard configurations and specifications.

NDT Global has extensive experience inspecting these complex pipelines using our EVO and ART Scan™ tools. We’ve accomplished this by working with customers to create custom solutions to meet the most unique inspection requirements for their operations. As we conducted this work, we recognized a pattern among some of the most prevalent complex pipelines and designed solutions specifically for them, reducing the need for customization in these instances. The most frequently requested of these complex pipeline inspections include the following:

If your system includes a complex pipeline configuration listed above, or if it’s a purely custom build not listed above, contact us to talk with one of our ILI experts about inspection solutions that can meet your needs. Or as we say at NDT Global, “If you can build it, we can inspect it.”

Photo of a bended pipeline in nature

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