OPTIX™ Data Visualization and Insights Platform

One of the challenges that operators have historically faced is the ability to archive inline inspection reports in a way that makes them easily accessible for future use.

Further, reports are traditionally static snapshots of a specific set of data taken at the time the report was generated with limited visualization options. Traditional reports have also been limited in their usefulness because the ability to have real-time discussions about them have been hampered by “human latency” (i.e., scheduling availability, requirement for face-to-face time, etc.)

OPTIX displayed on devices

NDT Global’s OPTIX™ Data Visualization and Insights Platform was created to address these issues and provide our customers with the clarity they need to make informed decisions based on actionable insights. At its core, OPTIX is a secure, cloud-based business intelligence platform in which inline inspection data and information can be easily accessed. As it is cloud-based, the reports can be accessed on any device with the right permissions, making them even more usable, especially for employees that are not in an office. Further, historic reports can be accessed, giving users the ability to visualize pipeline integrity trends more easily. Maximizing OPTIX’s value is the cooperation it enables for our customers. It doesn’t require software installations or unnecessarily complicated UI’s (which can be customized by each user’s unique needs). And because it’s cloud based, there are 100’s of compatible applications that make in-app collaboration fast, easy, efficient, and actionable.

Two men looking at an OPTIX data visualization screen

In addition to report accessibility, OPTIX makes our reports more usable, yielding even more insights and more clarity. Our reports on the platform are fully interactive, allowing customers to setup customized queries and data visualizations. Rather than having to rely on pre-configured visualizations, OPTIX allows for dynamic visualizations that can be altered by pivoting the view on any category of collected data (i.e., feature type, feature depth, feature location). In addition, the data is exportable so customers have the freedom to continue using it in their own software environments. The result of all of this is a platform that gives you the clearest, most actionable insights in the industry.

A basic version of OPTIX will be available to all operators who purchase an inspection and report from NDT Global. For operators wanting to access all their NDT Global reports, provide access to multiple users, and take advantage of advanced features, we offer additional tiered subscriptions.

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