EVO Platform

The EVO series ultrasonic inspection tools is NDT Global’s premiere solution for liquid pipelines.

These systems can be used to detect a range of defects along with their sizing, orientation, characterization, and predicted failure pressures. In the hands of our analysis team, this information is translated into a complete picture of the asset’s current health, along with the most accurate predictions about its future health based on existing operating conditions.

There are a number of operational advantages that come with our EVO series inspection tools. Chief among these advantages is the reduced/minimized risk to asset health and efficiency as the inspection occurs. Our EVO series was designed to quickly traverse the most challenging pipelines with minimal risk of failure, all while collecting the data that operators can confidently use to make the best decisions about their asset. This speed is complemented by its range of diameters, with tools ranging from 6” to 48”. Rounding out EVO’s operational efficiency is the number of technologies that can be deployed in a single inspection. Instead of having to run multiple inspections to collect data on individual feature types, EVO can collect all feature data – cracks, cracks in dents, dents and ovalities, metal loss, etc. – in a single run, reducing the time needed to perform these inspections, increasing pipeline efficiently.

UCx tool

NDT Global’s EVO series is unique in the ultrasonic inspection industry because of its unmatched precision of accuracy. The current generation of EVO tools has an axial resolution up to 0.75 mm (0.03 in.), meaning it can set out axial grid locations every 0.75 mm (0.03 in.) as it travels through the pipe. The tightness of the axial portion of the grid enables the highest resolution data possible in the asset. The result is the most complete snapshot of a liquid pipeline’s health, accompanied by the insights needed to plan mitigation efforts only when they’re needed and not before.

If you’re a liquid pipeline operator seeking to maximize the safety and return on your asset investment, contact us to see how NDT Global can be your must trusted integrity management partner.

Rendering of an EVO Ultrasonic Crack Detection tool

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