Cladded Pipeline Inspection

In some exploration and production operations, corrosion-resistant alloys (CRA’s) are used to prevent corrosion caused by wet or sour gasses.

These CRA liners are generally considered to be a challenge for traditional inline inspection tools because of their inferred measurements. NDT Global’s premiere ultrasonic technology has proven capable of accurately inspecting CRA’s in liquid and gas pipelines. More precisely, we’ve demonstrated that ART Scan™ and EVO can both be used to assess the integrity of CRA’s and carbon steel. NDT Global offers an ideal solution to inspect cladded liquid and gas pipelines to ensure their safety, integrity, and to identify any potential issues. Our leading edge ILI tools can detect anomalies in the actual CRA liner with sub-millimeter accuracy while performing its inspection without any metal components touching the pipe wall, leaving only polyurethane discs in contact with the CRA, minimizing risk of damage to the liner.

In liquid pipelines, these results are accomplished through the use of ultrasonic technology in our EVO series of ILI tools. In gas systems, this information and its accompanying insights are collected through NDT Global’s best-in-class acoustic resonance technology platform, ART Scan. The end result is that NDT Global is the premiere partner for businesses requiring integrity assessments or maintenance of their cladded pipelines, be they liquid or gas.

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Cladded Pipe

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