Bi-Directional Pipelines

Some pipelines only have one way in and one way out. From an inline inspection perspective, that necessitates a tool that can go in as it performs its inspection, reach the end, and come back out by reversing the flow, all while collecting the most trusted data possible and doing zero harm to your pipeline or the environment.

Whether a system is gas or liquid, our ART Scan™ platform is perfectly suited for the task. With sensors spaced 3” to 10” from the pipe wall, there will be minimal drag and minimal disruption to your operation during the inspection process. Equipped with bi-directional odometers and single-body configurations for short traps, NDT Global’s ART Scan platform is your go-to solution for bi-directional pipeline inspections. If your integrity management plan includes bi-directional pipelines, contact us to learn how we can provide the most accurate inspections with minimal operational disruption.

Bi-directional ART Scan tool

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