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Evo Series 1.0 - Latest Generation of UT Crack and Corrosion Tools

Pipeline operators have to ensure a safe operation of pipelines during the entire lifespan of their asset. Depending on geographic area, country, and operator, different legal boundary conditions might apply for safe operation. These conditions directly define approaches and methods, e.g. intelligent pigging. This method is widely used and accepted to gather accurate and reliable information about the pipeline system. Using highly specialized tools, intelligent inline inspection can detect and size threats like corrosion, cracking or deformation - even combinations can be identified. Recent developments by inline inspection companies overcome operational challenges like thick wall pipe, tight bends or bend combinations, multi diameter pipelines or high pressure & high temperature applications as often faced in offshore deepwater assets. Reliability and accuracy of inline inspection results and minimized impact on operational conditions are main aspects considered by pipeline operators. First run success rate (FRS) is another major aspect during the planning phase on an inline inspection project. This paper shows major advantages of ultrasonic inline inspection technologies for metal loss/corrosion and crack detection with Evo Series 1.0 tools.

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