NDT Global Announced Two Major Advances in Pipeline Technology

Dublin, Ireland, February 19th 2019 - NDT Global, a leading supplier of ultrasonic pipeline inspection and integrity services, today announced two major advances in pipeline crack inspection technology.

Enhanced Sizing methodology can size cracks to 100% wall thickness

NDT Global Ultrasonic Crack Enhanced Sizing methodology is capable of sizing the full range of crack depths up to 100% wall thickness. The removal of depth sizing limitations provides operators with more accurate data for better informed decisions regarding pipeline operations.

“We’re extremely proud of what our team has accomplished. One of these breakthroughs would have been an achievement. Introducing a solution that incorporates two industry firsts is remarkable.”

NDT Global has improved depth sizing accuracy of its industry-leading ultrasonic crack technology by 20%. This advancement further enhances the data that operators rely on for safe operation of their pipeline assets. Ultrasonic Crack Enhanced Sizing is designed specifically for high-precision inspection of axial cracks in welds. This level of precision is shown in its POD (Probability of Detection) specification for axial cracks, crack-like anomalies and linear indications equal to or greater than 99%.

“High-resolution EVO Eclipse crack inspection technologies offers operators more accurate results, with tighter depth-sizing tolerances. We are confident EVO Eclipse will become the new standard for reliable, efficient, and accurate pipeline inspections" said Dr. Thomas Hennig, Vice President, Technology Services.

Thomas Hennig, NDT Global Vice President - Technology Services

“EVO Eclipse is one of the most important advances in the history of ILI technology,” said Dr Thomas Hennig, NDT Global’s Technology Advisor. “It builds on the strengths of Evo Series 1.0 UCx.”

Dr. Thomas Hennig, Chief of Technology

In addition to the benefits delivered by Ultrasonic Crack Enhanced Sizing, Evo Eclipse offers a sensor configuration that provides the capability to identify and accurately size tilted and skewed cracks, e.g.hook cracks or cracks at the bevel of typical DSAW seams. Along with enhanced capabilities for accurately detecting and sizing tilted and skewed cracks (hook cracks), a new ILI critical-feature detection capability supports the replacement of hydrostatic testing with ILI critical feature detection. Inspection efficiency is further optimized by the system’s ability to combine crack, metal loss, and geometry inspection. These dramatic improvements reduce operator risk while minimizing the total cost of asset management.

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