Interview with European Commercial Sales Director, Thomas Mrugala

Join us for an exclusive interview with Thomas Mrugala, our Commercial Sales Director for the European region. We’ll delve into his background, expertise, and future plans, as well as gain unique perspectives and insights from him. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about our Commercial Sales Director.

How long have you been in the ILI industry, and can you share some highlights from your background and experience?

I made my debut in the ILI industry in 2013. As an industrial engineer, I have always worked at the intersection of commerce and technology. Before my time at NDT Global, I worked in international project management and sales in the engineering and automotive industries. In my sales role, the focus is on the customers and our solutions. I see myself as an important link between our customers and NDT Global as a service provider.

From your perspective, what unique challenges and opportunities does the European market present for ILI technologies and services?

Europe is a hotspot of many cultures, languages, and perspectives. This certainly results in challenges and that also makes our work in Europe very interesting and diverse. Aside from the diversity, however, there is one thing that unites all pipeline operators in Europe: the demands they place on the safety of their pipeline networks are of the highest standard. Our inspection services are therefore very highly regarded.

When it comes to liquid pipeline inspections, NDT Global is an established and highly recognized name in Europe. Most of the pipeline network in Europe is made up of gas pipelines. Gas pipelines in the North Sea are becoming increasingly important. Here we offer outstanding ILI solutions with our ART Scan tools. In addition, the transport of CO2 and hydrogen are important topics for gas pipeline operators and present interesting challenges for ILI service providers. We are happy to tackle these challenges. All in all, the European market represents a strong market with great growth potential for us.

In your opinion, what sets NDT Global apart from others in the industry within the European region?

When it comes to inline inspections, NDT Global stands for maximum accuracy in terms of wall thickness and geometry measurements as well as crack detection. In Europe, we started with inspections over 20 years ago and have since inspected hundreds of pipes and thousands of kilometers. We have a wealth of experience and therefore offer the best basis for recurring inspections, run data comparisons, and other integrity assessments, which we cover in our range of services.

Looking ahead, what do you foresee as the key developments or advancements that will shape the future of the ILI industry in Europe?

The pipelines in Europe are not getting any younger. This means that the potential defect patterns are becoming more possible. The crack detection market will continue to grow in the future. In addition, CO2 and hydrogen in pipelines create cool new challenges.

Considering the diversity of pipeline infrastructures across Europe, what trends do you observe in terms of the types of ILI technologies that gain traction in different regions?

Crack detection in gas pipelines is still an underexposed field in the European market. However, it will become an elementary component in the context of an increasingly aging gas pipeline network, but also in the development of the cross-national hydrogen network in Europe. In the liquid pipeline sector, the trend is towards increasingly compact ILI tools that focus on different types of defects. Our combo tools, which provide high-resolution wall thickness and geometry data in just one inspection run, are now setting the trend. At the same time, the reliability of the technologies and our ILI services in terms of FRSR (First Run Success Rate) are increasingly becoming the focus of our customers to minimize the risk of incorrect inspections. NDT Global is setting benchmarks in this respect that are far above the industry standard.

On a personal note, what excites you the most about leading the European region, and what do you look forward to accomplishing with your team?

My work, my success, and my future ambitions are based on long-standing, trust-based customer relationships with the most diverse pipeline operators in the world. I find it exciting to support my sales team in meeting the challenges of the international ILI industry and to sell technology services that stand for the highest accuracy and most reliable diagnostics. The different cultural and technical challenges I see in the European market make my job very interesting. I am personally very motivated to successfully continue my role as Director of Sales as I can make a direct contribution to the safety of our pipeline networks and hence our environment. In doing so, I can rely on a team of outstanding colleagues.

Director, Commercial Sales - Europe, Thomas Mrugala

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