Interview with MEAA Commercial Sales Director, Ronald James

Get to know our recently appointed Commercial Sales Director for the MEAA region through an exclusive interview. Learn about his background, expertise, and future plans. Join us as we delve into his unique perspectives and insights and discover more about Ronald James.

How long have you been in the ILI industry, and can you share some highlights from your background and experience? 

Now there is a question I had hoped you wouldn't ask, my first experience as a 16-year-old Engineering apprentice was in 1979 - machining bristle plates for magnetic intelligent pigs for British Gas. In 2000, I joined PII Pipeline Solutions (Baker Hughes) as the Sales Manager for Scandinavia, before leading the sales team for Europe and Africa until 2012. For the last nine years, I have worked for STATS Group as Sales Director for Europe and Africa supplying high-pressure isolation tools, which although not inline inspection, I would consider piggable solutions as an adjacency.  

What inspired you to join NDT Global, and what aspects of the ILI industry are you particularly passionate about? 

The opportunity to join NDT Global and return to the pipeline inspection world is an honor and privilege. The market-leading technology and the passion and commitment of the people in providing clients with The Power of Clarity™ to make the best decisions is inspirational. 

Could you provide insights into the current trends and challenges within the ILI industry that you find most intriguing? 

The increased demand for asset integrity in aging infrastructure will continue and baseline surveys in new projects to meet the ever-growing demand for energy is driving the industry. The energy transition to hydrogen, first diluted in gas transmission and distribution and eventually pure H² coupled with the carbon capture projects by the end of the decade will provide market growth in the high-pressure, dense phase CO² pipelines. 

In your opinion, what sets NDT Global apart from others in the industry within the MEAA region? 

 Our technology is the real differentiator and the ability to serve clients with solutions across all stages of the asset's life. We are providing baseline surveys for new assets, accurate wall measurements through the production phases as maintenance inspections, and market-leading crack detection life extension of aging assets. The support of the facility in the region makes a difference for giving our customers confidence in our delivery. 

On a personal note, what excites you the most about leading the MEAA region, and what do you look forward to accomplishing with your team? 

The exciting aspect of the role is the opportunity to grow the business in the MEAA region. We look forward to working closely with the European team and the sister Previan companies, and continue the excellent work completed. Existing infrastructure and new projects will provide a platform for growth for years to come. 

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