Interview with Americas Commercial Sales Director, Chet Inman

Join us for an exclusive interview with Chet Inman, our Commercial Sales Director for the Americas region. We’ll delve into his background, expertise, and future plans, as well as gain unique perspectives and insights from him. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about our Commercial Sales Director.

How long have you been in the ILI industry, and can you share some highlights from your background and experience?

I started in the oil field service industry in 2002 and in the ILI industry in 2005. My ILI journey included roles involving Account Management and various operational responsibilities such as Project Management, Supply Chain, and ILI Field Technician. Before my current role as Commercial Sales Director Americas at NDT Global, I served as the Director of a pipeline services company specializing in ILI, asset protection solutions, monitoring solutions, application & enterprise software solutions, and non-destructive testing (NDT). These experiences have equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of our industry, from problem-solving to technical expertise.

What inspired you to join NDT Global, and what aspects of the ILI industry are you particularly passionate about?

NDT Global is a leading provider of high-tech inline diagnostic solutions, deep data insights, and advanced integrity management services for liquid and gas pipelines. NDT Global is constantly innovating to advance the science of ultrasonic, acoustic resonance, and other pipeline inspection methodologies to optimize asset health.

Could you provide insights into the current trends and challenges within the ILI industry that you find most intriguing?

Challenges to further the utilization of inline inspection include inspection tool access, pipe cleanliness, high fluid density, heavy-wall thickness, transportation of natural gas with the addition of hydrogen, and product flow rates. The development of new technologies and innovative techniques from NDT Global have helped to address these challenges.

In your opinion, what sets NDT Global apart from others in the industry within the Americas?

In one-word experience, no ILI vendor has analysis experience like NDT Global. This combined with innovative technology creates a winning combination for the operator.

On a personal note, what excites you the most about leading the Americas, and what do you look forward to accomplishing with your team?

Life is about relationships; I enjoy creating new relationships and fostering existing ones. The goal of the commercial team is to get out and speak to clients about developing technologies along with problem-solving with our current fleet offering.

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