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Eclipse UCx, Next Generation Cracking Technology

Eclipse, UCx, the most advanced cracking technology to hit the ILI landscape. This cutting-edge technology delivers all the benefits of UCx Enhanced Sizing and provides a unique sensor configuration which allows Eclipse UCx to identify and accurately size tilted and skewed cracks, e.g. hook cracks or cracks at the bevel of typical DSAW seams. Eclipse provides ILI critical detection which replaces hydrostatic testing and can be combined with any crack, metal loss or geometry inspection.

UCx Enhanced Sizing is designed specifically for high-precision inspection of axial cracks in welds. This level of precision is shown in its POD (Probability of Detection) specification for axial cracks, crack-like anomalies and linear indications equal to or greater than 99%. These dramatic improvements in cracking technology reduce operator risks while simultaneously minimizing the total cost of asset management.

Advancing Pipeline Integrity One Crack At a Time with Evo Eclipse

Learn how Eclipse UCx differentiates itself from even the most recent of crack technologies! Author: Thomas Hennig, Technology Advisor 

"As the demand for accurate pipeline inspections increase, so does the need for enhanced technology. With NDT Global's newest cracking technology, Eclipse UCx, we leveraged our existing and reliable Evo fleet modules and tapped into our most innovative resources to develop a solution that serves as our most enhanced product yet."

High Resolution Crack Inspection Enhancements

"NDT Global's Eclipse UCx robots include all advantages from UCx Enhanced Sizing plus the ability to overcome the tilted and skewed limitations.

High-Resolution crack inspections provide solutions to operators as it delivers accurate results with tighter depth sizing tolerances. To accomplish this, the physical robot must be modified to increase the number of sensors."

Ultrasonic ILI Removes Crack Depth Sizing Limits

This white paper looks at how the new generation of high-resolution inspection robots overcame the crack-depth sizing limit of previous-generation UT for detection, sizing and locating of cracks and crack-like defects in the body and welds of transmission pipelines. Supporting test data is also provided.

Measuring Crack Defects with Sub Millimeter Accuracy

"High resolution robots offer increased crack-depth sizing accuracy and repeatability. More importantly, they are an enabler for Enhanced Sizing methodology, allowing new ways to analyze data, which successfully overcome existing depth-sizing limitations.

Evo Eclipse sizing technology results in accurate depth values for many flaws, typically below 0.8mm (31 mil) tolerance. A combination of different data-sets, characteristics, and sizing methodologies allows highly accurate inspections, with greatly reduced tolerances. Sub-millimeter accuracy for the entire rang of flaws, including hook cracks, is now possible." 

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