Blog: Advancing Pipeline Integrity One Crack at a Time with Eclipse Crack Detection 

Author: Thomas Hennig, Technology Advisor, NDT Global 

As the demand for accurate pipeline inspections increase, so does the need for enhanced technology. With NDT Global's newest cracking technology, Evo Eclipse, we leveraged our existing and reliable Evo fleet modules and tapped into our most innovative resources to develop a solution that serves as our most enhanced product yet. Our current ultrasonic high- resolution crack tool optimizes the enhanced sizing methodology to size the full range of crack depths up to 100% wall thickness; Evo Eclipse includes all capabilities of ultrasonic crack detection but has overcome the limitation of sizing tilted and hooked cracks accurately. With the inability to detect and size hook cracks accurately, the severity of existing hook-cracks are inevitably overlooked and not properly addressed, potentially resulting in a pipeline failure. Evo Eclipse has taken the ILI industry to the next level, not only with the advanced hook crack detection but with a full spectrum of additional features that are changing the way operators approach their inspection decisions. A high-level overview of Evo Eclipse capabilities is below:

  • Delivers full capabilities of Evo Series 1.0 ultrasonic crack detection

  • Provides precise crack assessments for depths above 4 mm (0.16 in.)

  • Detects and sizes tilted and skewed cracks (hook cracks)

The diamond image shows the applicable working range for cracks that can accurately be detected and sized using Evo Eclipse. The smaller yellow section shows the area in which a crack can be accurately sized through the conventional Pulse Echo technology. The wider blue area represents the working range for Evo Eclipse. A crack just needs to start and end in this diamond for accurate detection and sizing. 

  • Leverages critical feature detection to replace Hydrostatic testing

  • With hydrostatic testing, there is a probability of damaging the internal pipeline wall. This latest development has enabled us to reliably detect critical defects by avoiding the use of Hydrostatic Testing, ensuring we a 100% probability of detection for severe flaws without internal damage.

  • Evo Eclipse can be combined with deformation or metal loss inspections The single dataset allows for a combined and synchronized analysis. Interacting threads will be accurately detected, classified and assessed.

For more information on Eclipse, please contact one of our specialists. 

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