Evolving from a Leading ILI Company to a Preferred Provider of Integrity Management Solutions

When it comes to inline inspection (ILI), new technologies and methods continue to prove their value in the field. As the inspection industry’s toolbox grows in capability and complexity, pipeline operators are embracing a proactive, holistic approach to pipeline integrity management. In a conservative industry, this is a considerable change from the reactive inspection and repair campaigns that have been the norm for many years. These greater capabilities are driving greater demands.

NDT Global is evolving from the industry's leading ultrasonic ILI company to a preferred provider of integrated - integrity management solutions. To reach this goal, we are combining sophisticated data analytic techniques with an increased breadth and sophistication of our integrity services capability.

Data is the driver

Throughout the oil and gas industry, the digital transformation is having a profound effect, nowhere more apparent than in the pipeline inspection technology arena. Data, the essential product of pipeline inspection, is rapidly increasing in resolution, volume and "field of view." Delivering current-condition assessment results of a pipeline is valuable but providing post-inspection intelligence that enables customers to proactively manage the condition and rate of deterioration of their assets going forward, is invaluable.

It's often said that data and information are two different things. At NDT Global, we know our data and it's history better than anyone else. We're therefore, in the best position to use the data to conduct integrity assessments that pinpoint the most useful information, analyze it, and help prioritize and simplify the management of operator's assets.

Transforming to data analytics

NDT Global is rapidly transforming from an inspection provider to a data analytics business partner. This "new frontier" of data-driven asset integrity management will enable deeper, more successful partnerships with our customers, as the value we provide through analysis of our data ensures fit-for-purpose solutions in every situation.

Because of our exclusive focus on ultrasonic inspection technology, the accuracy, reliability and sophistication of our data and analytics are long-proven and well-developed.

But we are also doing much more! We are leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques and use our big data platforms to continuously improve the accuracy and reliability of the results from our inspection tools. This is the key to delivering the greatest value in integrity assessments to enable proactive pipeline integrity management.

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