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Evo Series 1.0 UCC

Ultrasonic circumferential crack inspection

Circumferential cracks are often caused by soil movement, which may occur more readily in mountainous areas. Stress accumulation in combination with susceptible pipe steel, coating, and environmental conditions can cause circumferential cracking. 

These type of defects can be addressed with in-line inspection (ILI) tools, utilizing ultrasonic shear wave technology. To accurately identify circumferential cracking, the diffracted shear wave signal travels in the pipe wall by an angle of 45° and is reflected either by an external or internal flaw. Based on the data captured, experienced data analysts can read and translate the information into flaw properties, e.g. length, width, type and depth. 

Reference sensors on board measure medium properties like temperature, pressure, sound velocity, and attenuation to ensure that the tool is always operated within optimum settings.

Circumferential crack detection inspections are becoming more widely viewed as a necessity for integrity management programs. capabilities demonstrated to date. Ultrasonic ILI tools can play an important role in the integrity management of circumferential cracks.


  • Available for diameters of 8” to 48”
  • Absolute crack depth sizing
  • Faster tool speed ensuring no reduction of flow rate