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Evo Series 1.0 UC

Detecting and sizing crack-like irregularities

Cracks and crack-like features can occur during pipe manufacture, construction or simply through the ageing process of a pipeline. Whatever their origin, these flaws can seriously compromise the integrity of a pipeline – making it essential to detect and locate them before irreparable damage is done. Ultrasonic crack inspection enables early detection and sizing of these irregularities. This allows the pipeline operator to take appropriate measures to avoid pipeline failures caused by cracks. 

The principle of the ultrasonic crack inspection tool is based on the 45° shear wave technology. Due to the corner reflection, even minor cracks from approximately 1 mm (0.04 in) or greater give reflections. The pulse echo technique is applied, i.e. the same probe serves both as transmitter and as receiver; then the signals undergo further processing. For inline inspection (ILI), the coupling of the ultrasonic pulses into the pipe wall is achieved through the pipeline medium (usually oil). 


  • Detection and sizing of cracks and crack-like features using industry-leading ultrasonic technology
  • Purpose-made configurations for detection of axial and circumferential cracks
  • Option to perform combined metal-loss and crack detection
  • Crack depth profiling for accurate assessment
  • Absolute depth sizing