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Eclipse UCx

High-precision inspection of axial cracks in welds The NDT Global UCx Enhanced Sizing methodology is capable of sizing the full range of crack depths up to 100% wall thickness. The removal of depth sizing limitations provides operators with more accurate data for better informed decisions regarding pipeline operations.

Enhanced Sizing is an example of the ongoing research and development conducted by NDT Global and is reflected in our core values: Accuracy and Precision, Improvement through Innovation and Passion for Excellence.

NDT Global's UCx technology improves the depth sizing accuracy of cracks by 20%. This advancement further enhances the data operators rely on for the safe operation of their pipeline assets


  • Precise crack assessments to include depths above 4 mm (0.16 in)
  • Reliable detection of axial cracks in the pipe body and the long seam
  • Designed specifically for high-precision inspection of axial cracks in welds
  • Delivers full capabilities of Evo Series 1.0 UCx
  • Detection and sizing of tilted and skewed cracks (hook cracks)
  • Supports the replacement of hydrostatic testing with ILI critical feature detection
  • Combined crack, metal loss and geometry inspection