NDT Global's PROTON™ Wins 2022 ASME Global Pipeline Award at IPC

NDT Global are delighted to announce that our phased array ultrasonic service PROTON was awarded the 2022 ASME Global Pipeline Award at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Award Ceremony.

This prestigious award promotes progress and international cooperation in the field of pipeline systems engineering. An award of this magnitude is the result of many dedicated and passionate colleagues who are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation.

What initiated as a challenge to solve a customer problem, quickly evolved into an industry-wide solution. At NDT Global, we know that pipeline operators are the custodians of our global pipeline network systems and face many challenging circumstances while maintaining the safety of their personnel, operations, and community. Understanding the truest condition of any pipeline continues to be the single most important insight an operator can have – it is only through delivering concise insights that operators can make informed pipeline management decisions.

Recently launched at the International Pipeline Conference in Calgary, PROTON provides advanced data diagnostics for pipelines. Features are identified and classified to offer relevant information such as feature type and overall context of asset conditions.

At NDT Global we are fortunate to have an exceptional team of highly skilled and educated professionals with a unique drive for excellence - without them, this amazing service and award would not have been possible.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the project!

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