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High Resolution Crack Inspection Enhancements

NDT Global's Evo Eclipse robots include all advantages from UCx Enhanced Sizing plus the ability to overcome the title and skew limitations. 

High-Resolution crack inspections provide solutions to operators as it delivers accurate results with tighter depth sizing tolerances. To accomplish this, the physical robot must be modified to increase the number of sensors. 

In addition to the benefits delivered by UCx Enhanced Sizing, the Evo Eclipse offers a sensor configuration that provides the possibility to identify and accurately size titled and skewed cracks, e.g. hook cracks or cracks at the level of typical DSAW seams. 

  • Delivers full capabilities of Evo Series 1.0 UCx 
  • Detection and sizing of tilted and skewed cracks (hook cracks) 
  • Support the replacement hydrostatic testing with ILI critical feature detection 
  • Combined crack, metal loss and geometry inspection
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