The Power of Clarity™: The Distinctive Edge in Pipeline Diagnostics and Integrity Assessment

There is a wide range of available technologies and providers within the inline inspection and pipeline integrity field. It's often hard to see the difference between technologies and services offered.

Understanding what each provider offers and how those services apply to your pipelines’ needs is essential. At NDT Global, our services, experience, and technologies are an intricately linked value chain to provide you with the best service outcome and guidance, regardless of your needs.

That value chain acts as a comprehensive inline inspection system that allows you to leverage all of our capabilities together. The value chain allows you to benchmark our entire ILI system instead of having to pick elements of what you need from different suppliers a ’la carte.

Here are some of the ways NDT Global differentiates itself from the rest of the market.

Technology – Beyond Standard Inspections

Inspections help pipeline integrity engineers understand "what" is happening. But that is only part of the equation. The data from the inspection allows pipeline integrity engineers to leverage technologies that deliver pipeline diagnostics and actionable, data-driven insights.

NDT Global has evolved traditional inline inspection technologies by adding many levels of innovation.

Our innovative EVO system leverages data and analytics so that integrity engineers can begin taking control of their pipelines' “why” and “how.”

Data Analysis – Turning Complexity into Clarity

That "why" and "how" hidden in the data is at the core of NDT Global's solutions.

With advanced technology and scientific exactitude feeding powerful analytics engines, previously complex data is now delivered as actionable insights. These readily interpreted and ready-to-apply insights give us a distinct advantage over competitors because they offer context to the data so operators can execute and act with confidence.

Our data-centric solutions enable exceptional clarity of vision. From our Inline Inspection report leveraging gigabytes to deliver unique and concise insight into specialized integrity assessments like Pipeline Movement, Dent Strain, Cracks in Dents Diagnosis, Fitness-for-Purpose, and more, multiple solutions and technologies exist for your needs.

For those needing more in-depth expertise, our Integrity Consulting Services bring unparalleled industry knowledge alongside our diagnostic capabilities to ensure that your investment isn't just in inline inspection but also in the people, expertise, and data-driven insights that yield the best results.

NDT Global has taken traditional inspection to a higher level. With these extensive diagnostics capabilities, we put pipeline integrity engineers in direct interaction with a cloud-based inline diagnostics data visualization system to further contextualize results.

There are many advantages to using inline diagnostics. You can move your operation from reactive to proactive to get ahead of problems before they occur. You can better control fabrication and parts costs because contextualized data-driven insights help you understand why you had a failure, break, or crack. And you can increase the lifespan of aging assets to avoid new builds or expensive repairs.

All these data-driven solutions are available so pipeline operators can make the best decisions using accurate data and visualization of their infrastructure.

The Customer-Centric Approach – Creating a "Best Of" Value Chain

Using the best technology and advanced analytics, NDT Global helps make complex data actionable and decision-ready.

What makes it possible for us to promise The Power of Clarity™ is our "Best Of" value chain. Over the years, we have combined the best and most experienced people with the best technology and analytics available. This singular focus and purpose-driven effort has allowed us to provide clear, contextualized data and insights to you, our customer—so you can make the best decisions and realize the best outcomes.

Various providers may excel at one or several levels of this value chain. But at NDT Global, we consider every facet a part of a single commitment to provide full transparency, invaluable collaboration across teams, and customized solutions that meet your needs.

The NDT Global Advantage

NDT Global is committed to empowering operators with the tools and technologies needed to make confident, data-driven decisions that ensure the best outcomes for your business and the environment.

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