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Atlas UG - Ultrasonic Geometry Measurement

Evo Series 1.0 Atlas UG delivers the most accurate and reliable ultrasonic inline inspection available today. Combining a corrosion or crack assessment with ultrasonic based geometry measurement enables a comprehensive inspection in a single run.

Atlas UG robots reliably perform precise, direct measurement of dents with depth resolution down to 0.1 mm (0.004 in). The increased number of sensors and overlap, along with state-of-the-art data acquisition systems, deliver higher spatial resolution that can be exploited in the computation of assessment methodologies such as the PRCI dent fatigue life assessment or finite element modeling that require specific and rigorous geometric data input.

  • Measurement performance and accuracy
  • No pre-run or post-run calibration required 
  • Interactions between different feature types can be detected 
  • Contactless sensing - no risk of damage to sensor 
  • Detection, identification and sizing capabilities of dents, oralities, buckles, wrinkles, offtakes, roof topping and out of roundness, dents with metal loss and/or corrosion
  • Available for pipelines with 6" to 20" diameters