Blog: The Two-Minute Read: Key Benefits to an Ultrasonic Geometry Pipeline Inspection   

Author: Roberto Yanez, Head of Data Analysis, Ultrasonic Geometry and INS

Whether damaged during construction, by a rock in the trench or possibly facing external damage during service, the integrity of your pipeline is being diluted. When deformations like these are present, they cause a build-up of stress which can result in a pipeline failure. By utilizing ultrasonic technology, direct measurement attributes and state-of-the-art electronics, NDT Global's exclusive ultrasonic geometry inspection tools not only detect and locate deformations, but they also perform a comprehensive scan of the internal shape of the pipeline. This detailed inspection approach delivers the most accurate measurement of deformations possible. While serving as Global Data Analysis Manager of Ultrasonic Geometry and INS technology, I have come across several operators who have invested in traditional technology for their deformation inspections. Unfortunately, they realized the collected data was not suitable as a basis for future integrity decisions. This further highlights the importance of collecting data of higher accuracy.

An NDT Global inspection provides a real scan of the pipeline's internal shape, allowing an operator to have access to the best data possible to be used in future assessments, helping determine if a feature truly needs to be addressed. Individual inspections can be expensive for an operator; the potential loss throughput, hiring 3rd party contractors, deploying labor for additional support crews and moreover, increased safety risks. But, when ILI solutions are combined, operators achieve a complete reading of geometry, metal loss and cracks that exist in their pipeline, avoiding unnecessary additional costs whereby savings can be invested in other parts of the business. With an Ultrasonic Geometry inspection tool, NDT Global delivers the best virtual representation of your pipeline and uses direct input on complex methods (such as Finite Element Analysis) giving you the ability to make strategic, actionable decisions now and in the future. To learn more about how an ultrasonic geometry inspection can be customized for your pipeline, contact us. 

About Roberto Yáñez 

With over 10 years of experience in the pipeline industry, and 5 years' experience as a Project Manager in field operations, Roberto Yáñez has accumulated a breadth of skills, many of which play a crucial role in his success as an expert in pipeline data, specifically Ultrasonic Geometry and INS (Inertial Navigation System). 

Yanez joined NDT Global in 2013 as a Data Analyst and in 2016, became a Product Manager. He currently holds a Global Manager role. He has a Bachelor of Systems Engineering degree from TecMilenio University in Monterrey, Mexico.  

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