Specialist In-Line Inspection

Specially configured to your requirements

The Problem

No two pipelines are identical, they can have varying diameter, length, material, age, configuration, operating temperature etc. With this in mind, modifications to pipeline systems can be an extremely costly prospect and are understandably avoided when possible.

To exacerbate this issue, the pigability of a pipeline is not always considered during the design phase of the pipeline construction, to overcome this, a flexible approach to pipeline inspection is required.

The Solution

NDT Global treats each pipeline individually from the offset. Before a project even begins, a feasibility study of the pipeline detail is conducted by NDT Global, to determine the appropriate robot and required modifications to complete the inspection. NDT Global has an extensive engineering capability in this regard and has a proven track record in providing tailored solutions to deal with a wide variety of pipeline characteristics. 

Wax-Rich Tool

Significant amounts of wax or paraffin deposits can still be in a line, even after lengthy and careful cleaning. Issues such as the pour point can lead to wax falling out of the oil, immediately after a cleaning run, making it next to impossible to achieve a completely clean wall prior to launching an intelligent inspection robot.

To overcome these issues, NDT Global offers an intelligent survey using a wax configured ultrasonic inspection tool, specifically developed for pipelines with high wax content.

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Multi-diameter Tool

The pipelines that traverse the world have a multitude of lengths and diameters. Some even have multiple diameters in a single segment. These multi-diameter lines pose unique challenges for operators when trying to achieve successful in-line inspections (ILI).

To address these multi-diameter lines, NDT Global has developed purpose-built robots to address these unique and challenging pipelines. These tools have the ability to not only navigate, but also fully inspect multiple diameters in a single inspection, saving operators considerable costs in performing multiple inspections.

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Our Technology

NDT Global recently introduced the latest generation of UT robots - Evo Series 1.0. This generation offers inspection velocities of up to 4 m/s (9 mph). These high-speed robots overcome reduction of flow rates for intelligent inspection runs.