Support and Consulting Services

Find the best fit for your integrity management program

Customer service and consulting services are embedded in NDT Global's core values and culture. The effective use of data is key when operators are trying to understand specific failure mechanisms, yet enhancing integrity assessments and defining solutions for a specific challenge are impossible without that accurate, pertinent data. At NDT Global, our team of experts discovers, analyzes, and uses data we procure on your pipeline to find a solution to your challenge and to create the best fit for your integrity management program.

We can: 

    • Develop integrity assessments and models considering robot sizing tolerances, statistical tolerances and physical limitations
    • Prepare a re-analysis of historic inspection runs using today’s data processing and analysis methodologies to determine more accurate results on specific pipeline threats
    • Create custom case studies, such as determining growth rate and impact of hydro testing
    • Provide assistance in managing historic data results and aligning your data into a more usable analytics database for better pipeline insights
    • Create custom applications using high-resolution feature profiles
    • Convene specialized task groups for specific challenges or custom studies, such as a pattern analysis for a custome threat, for example deformations with stress risers, selective seam corrosion, or complex geometry self-consolidating concrete
    • Prepare an advanced data analysis, including in-depth signal interpretation for features below reporting thresholds
    • Integrate data from multiple sources, including third-party results and custom spreadsheets that we feed directly into NDT Global’s analysis software

Our Technology

We use the most accurate and innovative ultrasonic technology on the market to inspect your pipelines to provide value that you can put back into your Integrity Management Program, all while keeping in mind our common goals: pipeline integrity, cost reduction and protecting the environment