Inspection for Gas Pipelines

Direct wall-thickness measurement with ART Scan

Gas Metal Loss Inspection

Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART) enables the direct ultrasonic wall thickness measurement of gas pipelines. As the ART Scan tool runs through the pipeline, each transducer repeatedly sends a wideband excitation pulse (chirp) to the pipe wall. As the pulse hits the pipe wall, it locally initiates multiple standing compressional waves between the two surfaces of the pipe wall, causing the pipe wall to resonate. These waves make the pipe wall a source for the resonant acoustic energy.

The transducer will detect this resonance signal, which will be recorded as it is trailing the entry echo. Data analysis of the specific resonance frequencies provides a direct measurement of local wall thickness. The stand-off (geometry) can be determined through time of flight measurement, and ID/OD information is extracted from the same signal. 

ART Scan Inspection

Speak with a regional inline inspection expert about ART Scan's ability to detect and size metal loss in your liquid pipeline.