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Keeping up With Corrosion

Christoph Jäger and Andreas Pfanger, NDT Global Germany, explain why monitoring pipeline corrosion is critical to avoid the consequences of line failure.

A couple of milimeters a year may not seem like much, but in the field of pipeline corrosion this signals a major problem. Accurately measuring minute changes in corrosion allows pipeline operators to safely plan and uphold the pipeline integrity management plan of their asset.

For this reason, NDT Global uses the latest in-line inspection (ILI) tool technology to record high-resolution pipeline data. In total, the company has conducted ultrasonic testing on more than 150,000 km (93,105 miles) of pipeline and has 465 man years of data analysis experience.

Between 2010 and 2014, the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) found that the leading cause of pipeline failure amongst its members was metal loss, at 34%. This loss is caused by either internal or external corrosion, which can be detected and forecast through ultrasonic ILI.

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