NDT Global Announces New Cloud-Based Data Visualization and Insights Platform

DUBLIN, August 17, 2021 - NDT Global today announced the commercial release of the OPTIX™ Data Visualization and Insights Platform, providing pipeline operators with an intuitive, Cloud-based dashboard to visualize all inline inspection (ILI) data in one accessible location.

OPTIX is the first and only platform that allows Cloud-based ILI data visualization and direct interaction with the ILI vendor. Digitization of the final inspection report, combined with the ease of filtering and arranging relevant data, allows operators to better understand their ILI inspection results and make more informed decisions to ensure the integrity of their pipelines.

Santiago Urrea, Head of Integrity and Field Verification Services for NDT Global commented, "OPTIX further demonstrates NDT Global's commitment to providing the best diagnostic data to drive decision-ready insights for our clients. When operators utilize NDT Global's leading ILI technologies to collect the best possible data, they gain the necessary diagnostic insights to make the best decisions for their specific asset. With OPTIX, we have further improved timely and confident decision making by bringing the Power of Clarity to the way operators access, interact with, and consume information."

The OPTIX platform provides a comprehensive view of pipeline conditions not previously available, bringing together results from many inspection runs. Continued advancement in ILI technologies has led to significantly more data to extract and interpret. Moving to a secure, Cloud-based platform makes that data readily available and accessible, allowing each end user to explore the information relevant to them and gain insights based on their specific needs. Having this sort of information at their fingertips means operators can make better pipeline integrity decisions in just a few clicks.

For more information, please contact Melissa Pastrano.

About NDT Global

NDT Global is the leading provider of ultra-high-tech diagnostic inspection solutions, advanced data analysis and integrity assessment services for ensuring the safety and longevity of energy-sector infrastructure assets. Recognized as the forerunner in ultrasonic inspection technologies comprising Pulse Echo, Pitch-and-Catch and Phased Array, as well as Acoustic Resonance (ART Scan) methodologies, the company also deploys a range of non-ultrasonic technologies, such as Inertial Measurement Units, with more under development. NDT Global strategically applies its inspection technologies to detect, diagnose and model various types of threat—circumferential or axial cracks, metal loss, geometry, mapping, and more—across diverse classes of assets. By providing predictive, decision-ready insights driven by the world’s most accurate data, NDT Global enables the conditions for asset owners to optimize infrastructure health and drive operational efficiencies while reducing risk and minimizing their carbon footprint.

NDT Global is part of Eddyfi/NDT, a fast-growing, innovative industrial technology group focused on advanced diagnostic technologies to monitor the world’s infrastructure health.

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