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Technical Spotlight: Manufacturing Related Girth Weld Feature

Thomas Meinzer, Global Manager, UM Data Analysis: 

NDT Global, ultrasonic metal loss inspection, UMp tool, detected an internal metal loss feature with a manufacturing related origin located in a girth weld of an oil pipeline. This particular pipeline feature has a length of 6 mm in flow or axial direction. The width of the metal loss defect in circumferential direction is 9 mm and the defect depth is 3.2 mm.

Additional investigations revealed, that the anomaly is also visible on the x-ray film from the affected girth weld, taken during the construction of the pipeline in the 1970's. With UMp and UMp+ technology, NDT can accurately detect and size metal loss features down to 5 mm in diameter, even in girth welds. The high axial and circumferential resolution of the pitting configuration enables a precise measurement grid.