NDT Global release 2021 independently assessed KPI

NDT Global are delighted to announce 2021 independently assessed key performance indicators.

At NDT Global we continue to set new standards in diagnostic inspection, data analysis, and integrity assessment. One way in which we measure the effectiveness of our operations is to perform annual independently verified Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for On-Time Reporting (OTR) and First Run Success Rate (FRSR).

The KPI "First Run Success Rate" reflects the number of successful runs, related to the total number of first inspection runs for a defined period of one calendar year.

‘Our exemplary First Run Success Rate is attributable to the close collaboration and partnership we have with our clients and our commitment to holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards. We recognize the importance of first-run success and are proud of another great result in 2021.’ commented Nathan Leslie, VP - Products and Marketing.

The KPI "On-Time Reporting" reflects the number of inspection and evaluation reports which are issued to NDT Global customers within the contractually agreed delivery time, related to the total number of issued reports.

Vice President, Data Services, Garrett Fitzsimons commented, “Our record of delivering quality data on-time over the last number of years demonstrates our ongoing commitment to our clients. This commitment gives the confidence needed to effectively plan integrity programs.”

The results of the independent assessment performed by DNV are as follows:

  • KPI First Run Success Rate: 95%

  • KPI On-Time Reporting: 98%

Continuous improvement, customer focus, trust, and partnership are the pillars of our success.

NDT Global 2021 Key Performance Indicators

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