NDT Global Announces 2022 Independently Assessed KPI

NDT Global announces 2022 independently assessed key performance indicators.

NDT Global is delighted to announce that we achieved another outstanding year with our First Run Success Rate (FRSR) and On-Time Reporting (OTR), both key performance indicators.

First Run Success Rate reflects the number of successful runs, related to the total number of first inspection runs for a defined period of one calendar year. On-Time Reporting reflects the number of inline inspection reports issued to NDT Global customers within the contractually agreed delivery time relative to the total number of issued reports.

The results of the 2022 independent assessment performed by DNV are as follows:

KPI First Run Success Rate: 95%

KPI On-Time Reporting: 98%

At NDT Global, diagnostic insights are at the heart of our clients' value. Our inspection tools collect the best data, and our analysts provide proven data-driven insights allowing asset operators to make the best business integrity management decisions.

Niall Walsh, Vice President Business Services comments, " By understanding the critical role pipeline integrity plays in the overall success of the energy sector, we focus on our key metrics to ensure we continue to provide successful inspections that enable our teams to deliver quality reports on time. This ongoing commitment gives operators and asset owners the Power of Clarity and confidence needed to most effectively manage their pipelines."

NDT Global 2022 Key Performance Indicators

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