Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management (PPIM)

- Houston, TX, USA

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Since 1989, attendance at the annual PPIM Conference and Exhibition in Houston has grown from a few hundred to more than 3,500, including a commercial exhibition that began with a handful of specialized solution providers and now involves more than 170 companies and industry organizations from more than 25 countries. In parallel with the demands for greater pipeline safety, reliability, and efficiency – and the explosive growth in the market for technologies to help meet those demands – PPIM has evolved to become the industry’s primary forum for reporting new developments and field experience, and for showcasing the relevant tools and systems. It is the place where the needs of pipeline operators and the capabilities of service and equipment suppliers intersect. Information exchange at PPIM is supported by a range of educational technical courses that take place in advance of the conference and exhibition. Led by a distinguished faculty including the world’s top experts, the courses provide a foundation for well-informed inquiry and dialogue among industry colleagues, clients, and contractors.

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Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management (PPIM)
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